Tax / Sewer Collection

The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for the billing and collection of all property taxes. Your tax bill includes the funds for the County, County Open Space, School, Fire District, Municipal, and Municipal Open Space.

The Office is staffed with a full time collector, and one full time clerk. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Tax/ Sewer Collector:.....Dana O'Hara
Phone: ...............................................(856)-767-1854 ext . 226

Current Tax Clerk:...........Colleen Dawson
Phone:..............................................(856)-767-1854 ext.225

Hours M-F 9:00 - 4:30

The Township of Berlin offers a Home Improvement Exemption/ Abatement which allows a home of at least 20 years of age to be tax exempt for improvements up to $15,000. assessed value for a 5 year period. YOU MUST FILE FOR THIS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF COMPLETION. We ask that you file it when applying for your permit(s). We will not wait for a final approval if we feel it is being used as intended.

Appeal deadline is April 1st. Deadline for Added and Omitted Assessments is December 1st.

Veteran Deduction and Widows of a Veteran must file an initial application for a $250 annual exemption, broken out in quarters, and meet all requirements my state statute. 100% disabled veterans of Widows of, must supply proper certification from the Veterans Affairs.

Senior Citizen Deduction is offered to applicants who meet all requirements by state statute. Age of 65 years, own and reside in property claimed and an income limit of $10,000. with some exclusions. Once initial application is approved, a $250 exemption will be given on taxes, $30 on municipal sewer and $51.28 on Borough water, annually, broken out in quarters

Disability Deduction is offered to applicants who meet all requirements by state statute. Same income criteria as a Senior Citizen, You must own and reside in property and provide proof that you are 100% total and permanently disabled.

All applications and further information for the above mentioned exemption/ deductions can be obtained from the Tax Collectors Office.



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