Your Public Works Department collects and disposes of all your residential household trash and recyclables. The Department is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Township streets, traffic signs, recreation facilities, equipment, all of the Township buildings and parks, along with the Township motor vehicle fleet of power equipment. The Sanitary Sewer System is also maintained and operated by your Public Works Department.
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I am new to town, what day is my scheduled trash pick up?

What are my limitations?

Trash and recyclable materials shall be placed in receptacles with handles, which have been manufactured with the container, and lids. Please do not mix trash and recyclable materials in the same container.


The maximum size of the receptacle shall be 40 gallons and the combined weight of the containers and contents shall not exceed 50 pounds.

When purchasing new containers please make sure that the receptacle does not exceed the 40 gallon capacity.

What happens if my regular trash collection day falls on a Township Holiday?

You can click here to view the calendar to see what day your route was moved to.

FAQ of the types of items collected at the curbside

Yes, we collect the following for curbside trash:

  • Mattresses
  • Appliances (doors removed)
  • Furniture
  • Pressure treated wood (to be cut in 4 foot sections and bundled in less than 50 pounds)
  • Scrap Iron
  • Vehicle Batteries
  • Motor Oil (in sealed containers)
  • Tires(without rims)
  • Electronics (place next to recyclables away from trash cans)
  • Waxed paper and cardboard, freezer food containers, window panes, mirrors, styrofoam or paper to-go containers, organic food material and waste, must be placed in the trash and cannot be recycled
  • Sawdust(must be contained in bags and placed in containers)
  • Hypodermic needles (must be contained in a coffee can container sealed with duct tape and MUST BE LABLED "NEEDELS"

DO NOT place fluorescent light bulbs in the trash or recycling as they contain mercury. Typically these light bulbs can be returned at the place of purchase.

I need a new recycling can, how do I get one?

Please call the Township at 856-767-1854 x.227 and request a recycling can. The can will be delivered to your residence.

When is my recycling collected?

Your recycling falls on the same day as your regularly scheduled trash day.

What out of my waste can be included in my recycling?

Recyclable materials can be combined into the Township designated recyclable containers. The following recyclable materials can be combined into the same containers:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • aluminum and metal cans
  • loose metal jar lids and steel bottle caps
  • #1,2,4,5 and 7 recyclable plastics (plastic food and drink bottles and jugs, caps removed, squeezable bottles, yogurt cups and cottage cheese containers
  • newspaper, mail, magazines, brochures, phonebooks, paperboard boxes (cereal, pasta, tissue)
  • cardboard, beverage carriers, greeting cards, file folders and office paper, paper towel rolls paperback books, juice cartons, corrugated cardboard and paper bags (flattened)
  • waxed paper and cardboard, freezer food containers, window panes, mirrors, styrofoam or paper to-go containers, organic food materials and waste, must be placed in the trash and CANNOT be recycled.

What if I am not sure how to dispose of a possibly hazardous material?

Hazardous materials and old electronics can be disposed at a County Household Waste Collection Day (see schedule below) Hazardous materials include:

Automotive fluids, fuels and batteries; paint related products, household cleaners, pesticides, personal care, home and hobby items.


The following electronic items will be accepted at no charge:
DVD Players
Tape Players
Monitors Stereo Equipment
Telecommunication Equipment
Fax Machines
Answering Machines

What is the protocol for when there is snowfall?

Please try to utilize off-street parking so the plows can successfully clear the roadways. Attempt to wait until the roadway is clear before clearing your driveway to avoid the snow being plowed back into the driveway. When removing snow from the sidewalk and driveways please do not shovel snow back into the street.

What is the proper way to dispose of my leaves?

Please place the leaves loose at the curb or loose in a can prior to your scheduled pickup.

  • Please wait for your scheduled leaf pickup date.
  • Do not bag the leaves or they will not be picked up.
  • Please do not place your leaves in the street.
  • please keep branches and debris out of the leaf piles.

Please be advised the schedule may vary due to weather conditions, and the volume of material placed for pickup.

What is considered vegetation waste? How do I schedule a Brush Truck if I have more than the average vegetation collection, and what are the restrictions?

Vegetation is collected every Monday, unless it is a holiday, in which it is collected on the Friday of that week.

Branches must be tied in bundles, not exceeding 4 feet in length and weighing less than 50 pounds. Clippings and rakings shall be placed in cans, DO NOT place these materials in bags. Tree parts shall not exceed 4 inches in diameter and bundled with the length not exceeding 4 feet and the bundle weighing less than 50 pounds.

Please do not park vehicles in front of the vegetation, which has been placed at the curbside for collection.

We recommend if you have a large quantity of brush, that you consider requesting the delivery of a Public Works truck to your residence for your loading of the brush and tree parts.

Please call 856-767-1854 x. 227 to schedule a date for the truck to be dropped off at your residence.

How and when do I dispose of concrete?

Concrete will be collected in containers, on the designated concrete collection days. The containers shall not exceed 50 pounds. No more than 100 pounds of concrete per collection date can be placed for collection.

How can I find out about street sweeping and what do I need to do to prepare?

Street Sweeping will begin on Tuesday's route the week of March 18, Wednesday's Route on March 25 and Thursdays route on April 2, weather permitting. Please park all vehicles, off-street, during the week of sweeping in your area, so the entire street can be cleaned.

I will be replacing my driveway/sidewalk what do I need to do and what number do I have to call before I dig?

A Street Opening Permit will need to be obtained from the website or the Township Clerk's Office for any driveway/sidewalk work. If the driveway work being performed is behind the sidewalk closest to your property a Zoning Permit only needs to be obtained.

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG for any work being done to locate any utilities.

Dial 8-1-1 or 1 (800) 272-1000

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